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Sponsor Culture
Sponsor Culture

Sponsor Culture

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On December 5th, 2022, we (Tajia and Dee), opened a Black owned marketplace named Culture. Culture is a collection of 15+ local Black businesses, featuring products from children's toys and accessories, to Afrocentric clothing, hot sauces and cake slices. 

 We currently have 2 options for sponsorship. 

Option 1: You can sponsor the Culture store at Dufferin Mall. With this option, sponsorship goes toward store expenses to keep the fee for vendors as low as possible. Our expenses include advertising the store, rent, utilities, etc. Every time you sponsor Culture, you are directly supporting Black owned businesses! 

Option 2: The Culture Summer Market 2023. With this option, sponsorship will go towards recreating an outdoor summer market featuring 20+ Black owned businesses. This will be a family-friendly community event,  with games, bouncy castles, food trucks, music and giveaways! With this option, you are also supporting Black owned businesses.

You are more than welcome to support both the store and the summer market! If you have any questions, or if you would like to make a custom contribution, please reach out to us at Thank you so much!! Your support means the world to us!


Love Always,

Tajia and Dee