Our Story

In 2020, Deborah Vassell went to Walmart looking for PJs for her nieces. As a Black woman, and having Black nieces, Deborah wanted PJs that represented the young girls and their family. Searching through racks of clothing, she couldn’t find a single pair of PJs with Black characters or designs. While the shopping trip was unsuccessful, she didn’t leave empty handed. It inspired Deborah to build a brand made for Black children. 

Driven to see representation in children’s clothing, Deborah got to work. Her first idea was to create a clothing line that featured Black professionals, inspired by her own dreams of becoming a doctor. By displaying Black professionals on their clothing, she hoped to give Black children characters they could look up to and identify with. And with that, Indy Mindy was born. 

A year later, Deborah met Tajia Niles, at a pop-up! The two connected instantly, and both began working on Indy Mindy. In January 2022, Tajia officially became joint owner of Indy Mindy! Tajia is a mom of 4 and is passionate about educating and empowering Black children. Together, these two Black women are the heart and soul of Indy Mindy. They strive for excellence in everything they do and are dedicated to seeing children win.

Today, Indy Mindy is a purpose-built brand that focuses on messaging and imagery that encourages, empowers and represents Black children. Since its launch in June 2020, Indy Mindy has expanded to offer clothing for newborns and young children, and includes their signature line of onesies, sleepers and PJs. Through representation, Indy Mindy is encouraging Black children to embrace their skin and pursue their wildest dreams. 

Black-owned. Purpose-built. Culturally conscious.

Deborah Vassell - Black and Determined

Deborah's love for children (especially her nieces!) has been the driving force throughout her career. Deborah named the brand after her niece Integrity’s nickname, who partially inspired the idea. 

As a Black women of Jamaican background, Tajia and Deborah are driven to make sure Black children are represented in every area of their lives, including their clothes. 

"I joined Indy Mindy because I wanted to show Black children that their skin is beautiful. To show them that they can aspire to do anything and go anywhere. To make sure they feel empowered and encouraged, every single day. I hope your children enjoy Indy Mindy as much as I’ve loved creating it.”  ~ Tajia Niles, Founder

Eager to learn more about Indy Mindy? Looking to gush about the designs? Tajia and Deborah's inbox is always open even if it’s just to say hi!