Black and Beautiful Bib
Pink bib for baby girls

Black and Beautiful Bib

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Make mealtime a celebration of culture and pride with our "Black and Beautiful" bib. This charming baby bib is perfect for keeping your little one clean while showcasing Black pride.


  • Design: Our bib features the empowering phrase "Black and Beautiful," celebrating the beauty and strength of Black culture.
  • Material: Made from soft, absorbent fabric to keep your baby comfortable and dry.
  • Closure: Easy-to-use snap closure for a secure fit.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Black and Beautiful bib: Perfect for celebrating your baby's heritage during mealtime.
  • Baby bib Black and Beautiful: A wonderful way to instill pride from the start.
  • Black pride baby bib: Show off your pride with this unique bib.
  • African American baby bib: Designed with cultural pride in mind.
  • Black and Beautiful baby bib: Adorable and empowering, all in one.
  • Cute Black and Beautiful bib: Adds a touch of style to any meal.
  • Empowering baby bib: Features an inspirational message for your little one.
  • Inspirational baby bib: A positive message to brighten every meal.
  • Black and Beautiful infant bib: Perfect for infants and toddlers alike.
  • Positive message baby bib: Encourages self-love and pride.
  • Black-owned baby bib: Support Black-owned businesses with your purchase.
  • Cultural pride baby bib: Celebrate heritage with every bite.
  • Black heritage baby bib: Designed to honor and celebrate Black culture.
  • Black and Beautiful feeding bib: Keeps your baby clean and proud during feeding.
  • Stylish Black and Beautiful bib: Combines functionality with style.

Measures 27 x 21 cms.

100% cotton.